Inner Sound

Posted on December 10th, 2018


I took this picture of beautiful Lake George when I was celebrating Thanksgiving with my family. It was one of the first snowfalls of the season and a great quietness and sense of peace spread across the lake. I was happy to have a warm cozy fire and a comfy couch to snuggle up on once inside.

Winter  is  the  time  of  hibernation  and  restoration.   The stillness  and  quietness  is  displayed  throughout  the  natural  world.  The  frozen  water  on  the surface  of  the  earth  provides  the  necessary  darkness  and  quietude  for  the  seeds  and  roots  to tap  in  with  their  source  and  nourish  germination.  As  we  too  are  part  of  nature,  in  Winter  our beings  need  to  draw  inwards  to  consolidate  our  essential  energy,  qi  or  prana.  As  we  let  go  of  our constant  outward  activity  and  take  rest,  we  return  to  our  source  and  preserve  our  roots.  It  is  a time  to  talk  less  and  listen  more.

According to Chinese Medicine,  Winter is the Season of the Water element and the Kidneys. Known as our root organ, the kidneys generate and store the original material that creates the fundamental basis for all of our other tissues. The Kidneys also govern the ears and hearing. Winter is a very powerful time to work with sound healing. The vibrations penetrate deeply inside your body, traveling in the waters of the body, providing nourishment to your deepest root and essential energy. The kidneys are also known as the Mother organs. As you nourish your kidneys, your entire organ systems will receive benefit.

I encourage you to take some time out this Winter and nourish your ears and kidneys with  Sound Healing.  I am offering Private Sound Healing Sessions and Gift Certificates for your loved ones for the Holiday. You can get a Holiday package and get one for yourself too! Or join me for one of my Restorative Yoga Sound Baths, this Sat. night (Dec 15, 7-9pm) at Sacred Sounds in the city and weekly on Wed. 8-9:30pm at Narayana Yoga Project in Greenpoint.


Sound Bliss awaits!



How are you taking care of yourself?

Posted on October 31st, 2018


Several times in the past few weeks, I have stopped in awe and taken the time to drink in the beauty of the Autumnal leaves. Their final vibrance and glorious colors painting the vast brilliant blue sky has made me fall in love with life again. With this joy also comes a deep sadness welling up inside of me knowing that our planet is in deep peril. We have such a short time to turn things around, I fear that we won’t be able to do it. The pain of this is so strong that it is unbearable. I know that I must do all that I can to arrest this catastrophe since I am alive now in this magnificent world and must do all that I can to take care of the Earth. I didn’t mean to get into this here, really I didn’t, but it weighs so heavily on me as I’m sure it does on all of you too.  With our unstable political landscape and the looming climate issues, anxiety and uncertainty are reaching an all time high in my mind & body. In addition to all of this, it’s Fall which according to Ayurveda is Vata dosha season which heralds an increase of the air element in all of us.  This Fall I’ve really been feeling my vata go out the roof! One of the signs of vata out of balance is anxiety. When our body mind system has too much vata dosha we feel ungrounded, unstable, and therefore anxious. To quell this anxiety, for the past few weeks I’ve been increasing my Ayurvedic self care practices. Knowing how important it is for vata dosha to eat grounding, nourishing foods, my first move was to cook my favorite Roasted Root Veggie Delight!

This is my fav..carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, turnips, onions, leeks, fresh rosemary & thyme & olive oil – all from my sweet neighborhood farmers market in Greenpoint! Just dice it up & pop it in the oven to roast. Absolutely yummy & all those root veggies help ground the vata, air element, which gets out of whack in Fall. Easy to do! Ayurvedic wisdom in your kitchen & belly, bringing you nourishment, grounding and balance to your body & mind.

Every night I’ve been curling up with a yummy warm drink & getting all cozy!!! This is really nourishing for vata dosha! My favorite is Ayurveda’s elixir, Golden Milk. My nightly ritual has really been helping me sleep, stay grounded, and calm my anxious vata mind. Which is so important during this windy season and imperative in these turbulent times when strength, stability as well as creativity and vision are needed.

If you want to learn all about the doshas and Ayurvedic self-care practices to help you invite more health, well being, and balance into your life, please join me for my Ayurveda Teacher Training, Nov 10-12 at Sacred Sounds Yoga. This training is open to everyone.


joyous heart!


3 Fall tips to balance vata dosha

Posted on October 1st, 2018



For the sensitive, delicate, creative vata types, the increase in the air element in the Fall often brings anxiety, nervousness, and hyperactivity to a high pitch. Are you feeling a bit scattered, overwhelmed, and fragmented this Fall. Is it difficult to focus and complete projects?  Do you have insomnia? Do you suffer from arthritis or creaky joints? Is your digestion off?  If you are experiencing any of these things, your vata dosha may be out of balance.



Embrace rooting yoga practices this Fall, to help ground the windy air element. Invite steadiness and clarity into your mind by choosing poses that will deepen your connection with the Earth. Calm down the wind, by doing less vinyasa’s. Establish stability by staying in your standing poses for longer periods of time. Deepen your roots by waking up your feet, legs, and pelvis. Add more seated poses and forward bends in your practice to literally sit on the ground and anchor your windy distracted, fragmented mind.

Cherish yourself this Fall. Bask in a luxurious daily self oil massage to nurture your dry, rough, chapped skin and ground your anxious mind. This is one of the most effective ways to calm your mind and soothe your nervous system. Abhyanga, self oil massage, is a deeply nourishing Ayurvedic practice of anointing yourself with warm oil before showering. Loving yourself with this warm, nurturing, touch will calm the fragmented, anxious, nervous vata. Sesame oil is best for vata dosha because of it’s warming quality. Abhyanga is an essential practice to ground Vata Dosha. I just love doing this. When I do Abhyanga, I truly feel so much more relaxed and calm. Give it a try.

ABHYANGA- daily self-massage with warm sesame oil

  1. Heat up a pot of water.
  2. Take it off the stove, place the container of organic sesame oil in the pot to warm the oil
  3. Slowly and lovingly massage the warm oil into your skin from head to toe.
  4. Use long strokes on your limbs and circular strokes on your joints
  5. Let the oil soak into your skin for 20 minutes

Rinse off in the shower.

Warm up and ground yourself this Autumn with yummy soups using carrots, parsnips, beets and other root veggies as well as the gorgeous assortment of squash available in plenty at the farmers markets now. Soup is the best thing for the delicate vata digestion, which tends to run dry and cold. Nourish and ground yourself with root veggie soups – perfect to help ground and nourish those experiencing constipation, gas, bloating and other vata digestive issues!

Celebrate Fall with joyous and nurturing practices for seasonal well being. Relax in nourishing yoga and Ayurveda remedies which ground vata dosha, the air element, and restore focus and balance to your being.

joyous heart!


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