nourish the well of your being

Leigh Evans
January 5 – February 23
Wed. 7-8:30pm & Sun. 1/16, 2/20 4-6:30pm (EST)


Nourish the well of your being this Winter. Start the new year off right by getting on the path to cultivate your full radiance and vitality!  Join me in January and February to explore immune boosting Winter meridian yoga practices, establish your home yoga practice, and create your sleep sanctuary and evening ritual to nourish and relax your body and mind for deep sleep.

According to Chinese Medicine, Winter is the time to deeply nurture the kidneys which are the root and foundation of the body — the seed of our energy. This deep restoration nourishes our kidneys, consolidates our essential energy (qi/prana) and preserves our roots. By nurturing and tonifying the kidneys in Winter, we replenish and nourish the sap of the body to prepare the body to flourish in the Spring to come.

This Winter Wellness journey is offered live through weekly Zoom sessions, restorative yoga practices, and a Facebook group where we will share our process as we deepen in our internal Winter practices. All the Zoom sessions will be recorded for those who are not able to attend the sessions.

January: Winter Meridian Yoga

Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm (EST)
Week 1, Jan 5 – boost your immune system
Week 2, Jan 12 – reduce anxiety
Week 3, Jan 19 – relieve stress
Week 4, Jan 26 – calm your nervous system

Sunday, Jan. 16, from 4-6:30 (EST)

Especially designed for Winter’s rest, these yoga and restorative practices to nourish the Water element and our Winter organs and meridians. Winter is the time of hibernation and restoration. The stillness and quietness throughout the natural world are happening inside of us too. It is the time to let go of our constant outward activity and rest. It is a time to meditate and listen to our intuition and inner guidance. For each practice Leigh will focus on a different aspect of well being: boosting immunity, reducing anxiety, relieving stress, calming the nervous system. Join Leigh and nurture the well of your being by learning ways to strengthen and balance your kidneys, through yoga postures, acupressure points, mudras, pranayama, and meditation.

February: Developing a home yoga practice

Wednesdays from 7-8:30pm (EST)
Feb 2 – Create your home altar and sacred practice space
Feb 9 – Learn strategies to overcome your obstacles to practicing at home 

Feb 16 – Explore sequencing, timing, and structure
Feb 23 – How to listen to the needs of your body and heart daily

Sunday, Feb. 20, from 4-6:30pm (EST)

During this Covid time we need our yoga practice more than ever! But maybe your yoga practice has fallen off because you are tired of Zoom yoga or unfortunately your favorite yoga studio has closed down from the the pandemic so you don’t practice anymore. Well, don’t fret because the most beneficial yoga practice is your own home practice, Throughout the month of February I’m going to help you start your practice, so that you can get that yoga vibe going all year long! Your personal yoga practice is a time to be creatively engaged in opening and listening to the needs of your body, heart, and spirit on a daily basis. Your practice is your own personal oasis. It is your sacred space and sacred time to develop clear sight and pure awareness.

You may have tried to create your own yoga practice, but maybe you got overwhelmed or distracted and wandered off the mat after one salutation! Don’t worry many people have this problem and I’m going to help you out, so you can benefit from this practice that you love so much which is deeply beneficial to all aspects of your being and life. In the February Wednesday evening sessions, I will help you develop your own home yoga practice. You will learn strategies to overcome your obstacles to practicing at home and techniques to develop your own yoga practice to address your specific needs on any given day.

All the sessions will be recorded for those who are not able to attend the sessions.


To register for Winter Wellness Journey send an e-mail indicating that you would like to sign up to Leigh at leitzu@earthlink.net


$350-$475 – sliding scale
Pay what you feel comfortable with between these two prices. This is my way to offer payment options during Covid. Payment plans available.

Payment accepted through Venmo, Zelle, Paypal
with Leigh’s e-mail address – leitzu@earthlink.net

The Winter Wellness Journey is limited to 15 participants.

Registration closes Tuesday January 4, 2022

Optional Bonus Course

Sleep and the Art of Rest

6 week online sleep course starting January 9
cost – $100 for participants of the Winter Wellness Journey. This is a savings of $245!
code given when you register for WWJ