Fruit Salad = Better Sleep!

Posted on May 5th, 2017


Do you know that you can increase your sleep by eating pineapples? Wow, I’m in luck because I love pineapples. I’ve been having them in my juices everyday this Spring because they are also really good for your digestive system and cleansing. Well, it turns out that this juicy, yummy fruit also helps you sleep because it has melatonin in it. You’ve heard about melatonin. If you are struggling with sleep issues, you may have even purchased synthetic melatonin as a sleep supplement. But your body produces melatonin naturally. It is our sleep hormone which gets activated by darkness. What you maybe don’t know is that you can increase the melatonin in your body naturally by eating certain foods, pineapple being one of them! Sounds better than taking a pill to me. Some other melatonin rich fruit sources are bananas and cherries!

Fruit salad = better sleep!

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