Yoga for sleep issues

with Leigh Evans
Sun. May 7


The Art of Sleep and Rest is a refined system that leverages Eastern practices dealing with energy, yoga and mindfulness to assist the body and mind to achieve a relaxed state. If you are dealing with insomnia or an inability to rest you will gain effective tips, tools and exercises to de-stress the mind and body and help you uncover what is preventing you from the sleep you crave while giving you practical guidance to developing your own personalized bedtime ritual.

In this workshop, Leigh educates you on the common barriers to restful sleep and instructs a diverse set of solutions to help you get back on track. With ancient healing techniques and instruction from the schools of yoga, Chinese medicine, and modern-day neuroscience, Leigh provides an engaging and accessible set of tools to help you find a more restful life and gain better sleep.

Leigh was inspired to develop The Art of Sleep and Rest because many of her students demonstrated symptoms of stress, fatigue and insomnia that affected their daily lives. With further research she learned that it is estimated that between 50-70 million adults in the United States have a sleep or a wakefulness disorder. Through Leigh’s knowledge in enhancing the flow of prana (life force) in the body by nourishing specific energy channels and organs while developing mindfulness, shifts the sensations of the body and attunes to the inner self, she has refined a system that will help anyone dealing with insomnia or an inability to rest, natural and effective tools for them to do so through her work The Art of Sleep and Rest.

Leigh Evans has over 20 years experience teaching an integration of vinyasa yang and restorative and yin yoga to students and teachers around the world. Her expertise combines years of training and practice in vinyasa yoga, Ayurveda and Thai massage which has given her the foundation and tools to develop her highly effective and nourishing work called The Art of Sleep and Rest.


I was fortunate to attend Leigh Evans’ seminar, Sleep & the Art of Rest. I have only had periodic issues with sleep, but wanted to check it out because I’ve long felt that I am not sleeping deeply enough nor long enough. The workshop enlightened me on a number of levels, but most of all regarding what I can do to prepare more properly for bed, to really leave behind the stress-inducing rituals of the modern world–internet etc. Leigh suggested taking a full hour before bed, away from the computer, in order to have a better and deeper sleep, and this has been working for me. I light a candle, turn up some music, and try to take the day out of me before expecting a sound sleep. I appreciated Leigh sharing with us her research on the subject–it made a lot of sense. In all, the workshop inspired me to learn more. I thought it was invaluable.

Charles, New York city

I live in Princeton, and I commuted to New York to take Leigh’s Sleep and the Art of Rest workshop. I am always very alert and too much awake, as I was at the beginning of class. After the workshop I felt so calm and relaxed that I barely could make it to the station. Three main reasons made the workshop really effective. First, Leigh’s voice really soothed me. I repeated the yoga sequence she taught us and I am regularly using all the oils she suggested. Not only do I sleep much better, but I feel much more grounded and rested during the day. Only thing, well, I was so calm that I missed my train back home!

Daria, Princeton, New Jersey

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$40 for Non Members


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