Sleep and the Art of Rest is a refined system of holistic practices including yoga, mindfulness, and Ayurveda to help your the body and mind to achieve a relaxed state. In this six-week course, you’ll learn effective tips, tools, and exercises to help de-stress the mind and body and receive practical guidance in developing a personal bedtime ritual.

Bleary eyed from another night of tossing and turning?
Tired of twisting the drama of the day into another sleepless night?

You are not alone. According to Harvard Medical School’s Report, Improving Sleep, “One in five Americans sleeps less than six hours a night and about 70 million Americans of all ages suffer from chronic sleep problems.” Are you one of them?

The good news is that there are effective, natural ways to help you wake up refreshed and renewed after a full nights sleep. Join Leigh Evans for her online course, “Sleep & the Art of Rest” and invite deep sleep and rest into your life.

Enjoy a simple step by step process to release the thoughts and habits that keep you up at night. Ease your mind with soothing audio sessions: guided meditation and breathing practices to summon sleep.

  • unwind and relax with simple restorative yoga sequences
  • invite tranquility and deeper breath through pranayama
  • release stress and anxiety through meditation and visualization
  • learn healthy evening routines to promote relaxation
  • re-align with your natural sleep rhythm
  • nourish yourself with holistic sleep tips

How the course works

Sleep and the Art of Rest is a six-week online course with weekly content available to you every Sunday. The format is a mixture of videos, audio sessions, information on sleep, reflections, and discussions.

Live Webinars

The course includes two live webinars. We encourage you to attend the webinars, but they will be recorded for those who are unable to attend.
Thursdays January 27 and February 10, from 7-8:30pm EDT


$245- New Year’s Special
offer ends 1/1/22



Leigh covers many helpful tools for ensuring a good night’s sleep… she has a wide-angle lens about the history of human beings in society, and how overstimulating it is now. That was fascinating. She also has a perfectly attuned understanding of subtle and powerful techniques which we need to ensure a good night’s rest. Her demonstrations of poses and her audio recordings are clear, easy to understand, and soothing. When she responds to posts, she is welcoming, and supportive, and I can feel how much she really cares. Overall, this was a delight, and very helpful! Thank you! – Joan, Ohio

I found “Sleep & the Art of Rest” to be excellent as a source for learning the importance and means of enhancing sleep.  Both the content and the teacher are first class. As an individual presently in the fourth quarter of life, this knowledge is particularly helpful to me in dealing with personal short term memory and physical balance issues that are common to my age group. – Bruce

I can’t speak highly enough of Leigh Evans’ “Sleep & the Art of Rest.” I didn’t have high expectations of change since I felt well-versed. However, Leigh presented a tremendous course of beautiful photos, audio and video clips and nearly 50 pages of reading. The reading was not dense but rather introspective. This encouraged participants to journal, interact with her and each other; that aspect was invaluable. I wouldn’t call this a “New Age” class; it was grounded in ancient and contemporary data. It has a wide-range appeal. It has truly affected my quality of sleep and I continue to be more mindful of my day because day and night are connected. – Dianne, Oakland, CA

Alexander the Great, 5th Century BC, knew that he was not a God because he required sleep. We mortals required it to be at our best. Ms. Leigh Evans has prepared a 6 week designed concise course with video, zoom interaction, open feedback commentary. She strikes a balance between scientific information about sleep with a personal approach which includes journal writing, restorative yoga positions and its relationship to breathing provides the core for preparation of the transition from day to night, from the active energy of the sympathetic nervous system to the passive parasympathetic system. 

Consciousness of this transition and the formation of pre-sleep habits facilitates a fuller life. I recommend Ms. Evans’ course. – Ed, Salt Lake City, Utah

Begins January 9!