3 reasons to nourish our water element

Posted on November 16th, 2015


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Water is the element of the second chakra, “Svadhisthana”. Governing our reproductive and urinary organs, the second chakra guides our sexuality, emotions, intimacy, pleasure, desire, and personal relationships. Deeply nourishing, water invites fluidity, cleansing, flow, lubrication, ease and support both in our bodies and  lives.

The healing powers of water draws us all to oceans, lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls, swimming holes, hot springs, hot tubs, bath tubs, and steam rooms to be restored and rejuvenated. I teach all of my yoga retreats on the water immersed in nature to help restore our stressed out body/minds and nourish our spirits. These pictures were taken at my Thailand Retreat at Jungle Yoga, our gorgeous retreat center, floating on the water in the midst of Koh Sok National Park. It is incredibly healing to be immersed in the elements so completely!

As fabulous as it is to submerse yourself in water in nature, here are 3 reasons why it is also important to nourish the water element within our own bodies.

  1. In Ayurveda, Ojas, our primal vitality, is the subtle energy of water which nourishes and sustains us. Similar to primordial yin, Ojas offers us endurance and resilience through cellular immunity.
  2. According to Chinese Medicine, the kidneys, often referred to as the mother organ, are the connected to the element of water, governing all that flows within us. They rule the reproductive, developmental and urinary systems, the health of the lower back, our bones, and hearing. Since our bodies are said to be approximately 70% water, we are bathed in an internal ocean of fluids and the health of our kidneys is essential.
  3. Unfortunately our stressful lifestyles, overwork, lack of sleep, overindulgence in caffeine, sweets, sex, prescription and recreational drugs, and environmental toxins, among other things overheats our system, weakens our kidney chi and we feel “burnt out”. In this state, the cooling capacity of the kidneys is tapped out and unable to cool our overheated state.

How to nourish your kidneys
To restore fluidity, easeful flow in our beings, we can do specific yoga and self-care practices to help nourish the health of our kidneys, the water element within us, and our “Sacral chakra.” Winter is the Season to tend to the kidneys and water element.

Audry upavista

Upavista Konasana, is deeply nourishing for the Kidneys. Opening the inner leg lines which correspond to the Kidney meridian, this pose nurtures the cooling, healing, yin energy in our body/mind. Try practicing Upavista Konasana lying with your belly supported by a bolster-it’s delicious! Make sure your head is resting on support to invite deeper cooling and calming for your mind and nervous system.

Join us this Winter for our Thailand Yoga Retreat, Feb 20-27, 2016 and immerse yourself in nourishing yoga practices and the healing waters!

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