Posted on July 11th, 2016


Let’s do brunch, learn about Vata Dosha and simple ways to enjoy a more harmonious state of being this Fall.

According to Ayurveda, Fall is the season when the wind element or Vata Dosha increases in all of us. Are you always rushing? Taking on too many tasks simultaneously? Is it difficult to complete projects? Are you finding your skin and lips drying out and your joints cracking alot? Are you experiencing insomnia or having difficulty sleeping?  Do you feel anxious or nervous? Are your emotions swinging all over the place-one minute you are ecstatic and the next full of grief? Are you constipated or gassy? If you are experiencing any of these things, your Vata dosha may be out of balance.

Join Leigh for a discussion on ways to balance Vata dosha so we can enjoy the creativity, inspiration, insight, enthusiasm, and clarity that comes with the air element in balance.

This event is a potluck brunch. Leigh will send the attendees a list of foods that will help balance vata dosha and you will each make a delicious data pacifying dish to share with the group.

limited to 9 people