Fall Tune in Tips

Posted on December 3rd, 2014

house-Luang Prabang

detail Wat Xieng Thong, Laos, 2014

Fall is my favorite season. In Chinese Medicine, Fall is the season of the Metal element. It offers us the opportunity to lighten up and let go, open the door to clarity, and distill and refine our beings to their essence.I particularly love the the light which seems to be more exquisitely clear and magical than any other time of year. When I look into the clear blue sky through the almost now bare and beautifully sculptural trees, the vastness above inspires my inner being to expand and wonder and delight spreads through me.

There is a particular type of clarity that emerges through witnessing this Fall light through the trees’ shedding of their leaves. As the sap of the tree draws into the interior of the tree and sinks back to the roots, we also begin to slow down, retracting, and draw back to the interior root aspect of our beings. There is a refinement that comes from letting go, releasing that which is no longer beneficial and nourishing that which is essential.Fall is Harvest time, the time to distinguish between what is nutritional and should be kept and what can be released and left for compost. This environmental distillation is mirrored in our bodies, minds, and lives. Fall is the time to release that which is not needed or desired, as we prepare for our inward journey into the deep interior yin of Winter stillness.

ORGANIZE the chaos in you houseSYSTEMATIZE areas of congestion

Pick one of these areas in your home to clear out and organize this week
filing cabinet, closet, computer, desk, bookshelves, music library, kitchen

By releasing the excess and organizing our living space, we acknowledge what we want, recognize who we are, and invite space into our homes and minds.