Winter Wellness

restore & replenish

with Leigh Evans & Annie Kunjappy
Oct 30, Nov 1
Fri 7-9, Sun 2-4


lao pots & fireAs we head into winter our bodies naturally yearn for a time of introspection and deep meditation. The Winter Wellness workshops will lead you deeply inside through an exploration of yoga asanas, meditation, chanting, and dietary discussion of the foods to facilitate your internal journey this Winter.

Restore & Renew with Leigh Evans
Fri. Oct 30, 7-9pm

According to Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are seen as the root and foundation of the body–the seed of life.  As the most concentrated organ in the body, our kidneys are most affected by Wintertime. Some signs of kidney deficiency are lower back pain, reproductive imbalances, and bone and hearing problems. Join Leigh and nurture the well of your being by learning ways to strengthen and balance your kidneys, through yoga postures, acupressure points, and lifestyle changes. Restore yourself through a yoga sequence designed to soothe the nervous system, calm the mind, and rejuvenate your body.

Nurture & Replenish with Annie Kunjappy
Sun. Nov 1, 2-4pm

In this afternoon workshop, learn nutritional and herbal practices to help strengthen your immune system and nourish your body-mind in preparation for Winter. Annie will offer recipes to bolster, nurture and balance the kidneys, and thus replenish and nourish the sap of body preparing the body to flourish in the spring to come.

$30, pre-reg, $35 day of per class
$50, pre-reg, both workshops

Winter Wellness Workshops

contact: info@leighevansyoga.com