Introduction to Ayurveda

with Leigh Evans, Annie Kunjappy, & Ron Ortenberg
Sat. Jan 16, 3-6, Sun. Jan 17, 2-4, Sat. Feb 6, 3-5pm


chilis & cucumbersAYURVEDA 101: being in balance
with Leigh Evans
Sat. Jan 16, 3-6pm
$30 pre-reg, $35 day of, $50 for 2 workshops

Ayurveda, India’s holistic system of healing and health, provides many simple and practical ways for each of us to restore balance on a daily basis. Unique to this system is the constitutional types (doshas) based on the five elements: Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha. We each have our own particular combination and expression of these doshas and can learn to notice and shift our habitual tendencies that lead us to states of imbalance and disease. By offering adjustments in nutrition, yoga, herbs, meditation, and lifestyle regimes specific to each constitutional type, this ancient system offers insight into how we can find balance in our modern lifestyles.


AYURVEDA & FOOD: the energetics of food
with Annie Kunjappy
Sun. Jan 17, 2-4pm

We eat everyday. What we eat shapes us and influences our experience. According to Ayurveda, the vibrational qualities of food can be utilized to bring about profound shifts in our physical and psycho-spiritual bodies. Many imbalances and illnesses are a result of disharmony. Food, herbs, oils and other energetic materials are used to create a dynamic harmony.

Discover the energetics of various foods through the prism of Ayurveda. Gain a better understanding of your individual constitutional type, its specific needs and challenges, and the food sadhanas (daily practices) that can help you towards better health, vitality, and ultimately, clarity of purpose.

with Ron Ortenberg
Sat. Feb 6, 3-5pm
$30 pre-reg, $35 day of, $50 for 2 workshops

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian system of natural healing providing guidelines on daily and seasonal lifestyle routines that include herbal and dietary suggestions, yoga, detoxification and bodywork therapies. Such Ayurvedic treatments may be recommended for specific health concerns, as a part of detoxification program (panchakarma) or provide a prophylactic role as well.

During this workshop we will overview principles and practical aspects of Ayurvedic treatments, specifically Ayurvedic bodywork therapies which may be practiced on your own as part of your personal routine such as oil pulling, tongue scrubbing, self Ayurvedic massage with Marma Points and also administered by an Ayurvedic practitioner which include Shirodhara, different types of Ayurvedic massage, Basti treatments and other therapies. We will discuss how these treatments bring into balance one’s elements and flow of energies in the body that lead to longevity and full health potential.

We will go into full depth with hands-on demonstration of two treatments: Shirodhara and Kati Basti. Shirodhara is an ancient divine ritual that involves gently pouring of warm herbal oils over the forehead to rest and calm the mind awakening your body’s intuitive knowledge. Kati Basti is a specialized therapy that relieves tension and nourishes lower back with the use of herbal oils or ghee. Besides these two treatments, we will learn a restoring Ayurvedic head massage activating Marma Points.

In the end of the class, the students should expect to obtain a general understanding of Ayurvedic treatments and their healing purposes. As a result, the class may serve as an inspiration to approach a deeper study of Ayurveda through Ayurvedic treatments.

$30 pre-reg, $35 day of, $50 for 2 workshops






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