Fall Harvest Cleanse

tone & clarify

with Leigh Evans & Annie Kunjappy
Sept 25 & Sept 27
Fri 7-9, Sun 2-4


squash lao mktFall is the harvest Season, the time to gather the bounty of Summer’s abundance and begin the transition to the Winter. As the days begin to shorten and cool, the expanded yang energy of Summer begins shifting into the internal yin aspect of our seasonal cycle and life begins slowing down. Often it is difficult to make this transition and we feel unsettled.

Fall Cleanse Flow with Leigh Evans
Fri. Sept 25, 7-9pm,

According to Chinese Medicine, Fall is the season to attend to our lungs and its paired organ, the large intestine, which are both organs related to attachment. In this workshop, Leigh will guide you through a yoga practice to cleanse and tonify the Fall organs. Free of the physical, mental, and emotional residue, you will be more focused and grounded, able to clarify your intentions, and manifest your visions with greater ease.

Nourish Immunity with Annie Kunjappy
Sun. Sept 27, 2-4pm

Annie will introduce you to ways you can utilize the bountiful foods of the Fall season to nurture and strengthen and tone the organs, of respiration and elimination thus fortifying the immune system to deflect winter illness. Fall is also the time to cleanse and nourish our “third lung”, the skin. Experience our Kitchen Skin Spa, where you will feed your skin with fresh homemade tonics drinks and masks, and rest in the nourishing pleasures of Fall!

$30, pre-reg, $35 day of per class
$50, pre-reg, both workshop

Fall Cleanse workshops

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