Art of Sound -

HEALING POWER OF SOUND: Mantra & Sonic Marma
Leigh Evans, Amanda Capobianco, & Kate Henderson

Oct 2-4


Join us for our Sound Immersion and bask in joyous sonic explorations which open the heart and bring radiance to your being!

The voice is one of the most important tools for a yoga teacher. It is through the skillful use of their voice and language that a yoga teacher guides, nourishes, and inspires their students. The explorations through the Art of Sound Immersion will help you open and strengthen your voice. Awaken your voice through kirtan, mantra, experimental vocalization, Sanskrit, crafting unique dharma talks from the heart, speaking with wisdom through understanding the power of language, and find your voice as a teacher.

The Art of Sound is a required course for the Yoga Sukhavati 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training Program. It counts as 50 hours towards your Yoga Alliance Certification.


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Mantra & Sonic Marma
Leigh Evans,  Amanda Capobianco, & Kate Henderson

Join us and explore ways to cleanse your subtle energy channels and rejuvenate your being through the healing power of sonic vibrations.

Fri. Oct 2, 7:30-9pm
Auditory Driving & Acupuncture
Sonified needle therapy

with Kate Henderson

Join Kate for an evening of sound healing through meditative and trance states induced through the vibrations of drones,  Shamanic drumming, and acupuncture. Auditory Driving is sound that “drives” altered states into being. Musical drones have been used as a device in indigenous cultures to induce hypnogogic trances for centuries. Pulses, or beating tones, created through closely tuned drones have been proven through scientific testing to entrain brainwaves into desirable meditative states. The National Institute of Health describes fast monotonous drumming as having the potential to change brain pattern function and produce the kind of synchronized brain wave activity observed in meditation. Acupuncture creates a change in the central nervous system that allows many patients to reach a dream-like state of relaxation simply from the insertion of needles into specific points on the human body. By combining these techniques. we hope to maximize the potential for transformative states of being to occur.

$30 –  Sound healing  & Acupuncture (only 15 spaces available)
$20 – Sound Healing

Pre-registration & RSVP required


Oct 3-4
Sat & Sun 9-12 – 2-6pm

Awaken the voice of the teacher with Leigh Evans
The voice is one of the most important tools for a yoga teacher. However, many yoga teachers are more oriented to working with their body and struggle with finding their voice. This workshop will help you awaken your voice through experimental sound play. Learn how to support your voice so that it becomes a powerful vehicle for communication and awakening for your self and your students. Embrace speaking with wisdom through the power of language revealed through embodied presence.

Demystifying Mantra: A Practical Approach to an Ancient Technology, with Amanda Capobianco
The use of mantra has been practiced for thousands of years and for many can seem mysterious and even daunting to try to add into the practice of yoga. However, just as yoga asana serves as its own medicinal technology so too does mantra. With a dedicated and disciplined approach to the use of mantra we can learn to transform our seemingly chaotic worlds into powerful abodes of confidence and peace.

In this workshop we will discuss the basic foundation of developing a mantra discipline, how to create a sacred altar drawing upon the 4 elements, as well as how to approach a 40 day discipline to better strengthen our capacity to teach and to heal ourselves and each other.

Sonic Marma Healing with Leigh Evans
Cleanse your subtle energy channels and rejuvenate your being through the healing power of sonic vibrations. Awaken pranic pathways, energy channels and organs, through using the voice in asana. Awaken your marma points through healing touch and the vibrational resonance of the OM tuning fork. Marmas are energy points which connect with your underlying organ systems and energetic channels.

Oct 3, 4-$250

Whole weekend, $275

Open to all

Counts as 18 hrs towards Yoga Sukhavati 300 HR Certification.



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