float in sonic bliss solo or with your partner!

with Leigh Evans
Feb 14-March 14
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Valentine’s Private Sound Session
sign up by March 15

Give yourself the gift of relaxation and share it with your loved one! Cleanse your energy channels and rejuvenate your being with a delicious combination of Thai Massage and sound healing! Receive a relaxing and energizing Thai massage combining acupressure points with passive yoga stretches, muscle compression, and joint mobilization. Add sound healing to this and you’re in for an absolutely divine experience! Awaken your acupuncture/marma points through healing touch and the vibrational resonance of the OM tuning fork. Marmas are energy points which connect with your underlying organ systems and energetic channels. Release toxins and stress through this deeply restorative and nourishing massage and sound healing session!

Book a session for your partner and since you will also want to be basking in sonic bliss, book one for yourself too!

Two Thai massage sound healing sessions- $180

Valentine’s Couples Sound Session
sign up by March 15

This Valentine’s day bask in a sonic, cosmic bliss bubble with your loved one. Float together into a deeply relaxed state while singing bowls, tuning forks, and other overtone emitting instruments harmonize your subtle body in a powerfully nourishing sound healing experience.

Couple Cosmic Bubble (75 min)- $150

contact leigh@leighevansyoga to set up your session today

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Sessions located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn