ecstatic chant!

with Leigh Evans
Sun. Jan 12, 2020


Plant the seeds of your New Year’s intentions by attuning to the present moment  through beautiful healing power of chanting and meditating together. Awaken your voice, focus your mind, and open your heart. Join our voices, and hearts together through the practice of the chanting sacred yogic texts. Raise our collective vibration and rise together to shift the paradigm in the 2020’s-The decade of Evolution!

Join us for a joyous, meditative afternoon of chanting! Ancient in it’s origin, this simple call and response chanting practice is fun and transports you effortlessly into a blissful state of being. Through singing together we cultivate a connection with each other that nourishes and transforms us. These ancient chants, sung in Sanskrit, renew our beings as we touch into the divinity that resides in each of us through the power of sacred vibration. Kirtan is a traditional Indian practice of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion, which cultivates the blissful flow of love and awakened consciousness.

$10 -suggested donation
Intimate Salon setting in Greenpoint, BK
e-mail leigh@leighevansyoga to RSVP for location details