Thankfully Spring is finally here in full blossom! It makes me so happy when I take my morning walks to my sweet local McGorlick park. It has been quite a long “birthing” process this year in New York and I’ve been going through many layers of cleansing both inside and out. My Spring Green Soup and Pineapple Delight Green Drink and other ways of increasing delicious and detoxifying greens into my daily regime has been very cleansing for my system and Spring organs and meridians. My closets have a little more breathing room now that that coat that I didn’t wear all winter and that skirt that I keep putting back every season & other things are finally out of my closet & off to the Thrift store!

I’ve been working a lot with the Detoxification Mudra both personally in my own home practice as well in my yoga classes and Restorative Sound Healing: Spring Renewal workshops. The Detoxification Mudra is a very powerful support to cleanse out the inner energy channels as well as clear the mind of mental habits and old worn-out ideas of who you are. I’ve been working with a powerful visualization with this mudra that really is helping me transform my new inner visions to manifest in my life. It’s so simple. Just sit down in a quiet place. Lengthen your spine and breathe deeply into your belly to your body and mind. Place your thumb at the base of your fourth finger and breath deeply. Visualize all the thoughts and situations that you would like to release from you life, the thoughts and emotions that you are keeping you stuck. Maybe there is some resentment, anger, fear, grudges, negative thoughts and feelings that you are holding onto. Perhaps it is a person, or a job or a situation that is keeping you in a contracted state. What is limiting, or stopping you from expanding into the fullest most vibrant expression of your self? Visualize it and then let it go. After you’ve completed this process. Visualize all that you would like to manifest in your life. The thoughts, feelings, situations, people that you invite in to grow in the garden of your life. See this in as deep detail as possible and then listen to the feelings that you experience seeing this new film of your life. Let the feelings seep deeply into every cell of your body and permeate your entire being, nurturing new neurological patterns in your brain. Do this for at least 5 minutes a day, more if you have the time!

For a Spring yin practice,  join me this weekend for my Mother’s day  RESTORATIVE SOUND HEALING: MAMA LOVE workshop May 12, 6:15-8:15pm at Sacred Sounds Yoga in Manhattan for a deeply nourishing sound healing experience for Spring and for nurturing the Shakti Prana, divine Feminine energy within.

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For a Spring yang  practice, check out my SPRING CLEANSE FLOW  video.

I know you’ll enjoy this a powerful detoxifying, core strengthening, twisting asana sequence that releases congestion in the liver and gall bladder meridians to powerfully cleanse the Spring organs and bring clarity and vitality to your being! Even if you can’t fully do the apex poses yet, do as much of  the sequence as you can and you will deeply open your hips and cleanse your body & mind!

joyous heart!