Bleary eyed from another night of tossing and turning? You are not alone. Everyone at some point has a sleepiness night or restless sleep. For some, it is an occasional occurrence during a particularly stressful time at work or home. For others, it is a chronic problem creating constant anxiety.

The good news is that there are effective, natural ways to help you wake up refreshed and renewed after a full nights sleep. Join Leigh for “The Art of Sleep and Rest” – a refined system that leverages Eastern practices dealing with energy, yoga, and mindfulness to assist the body and mind to achieve a relaxed state. If you are dealing with insomnia or an inability to rest you will gain effective tips, tools and exercises to de-stress the mind and body and help you uncover what is preventing you from the sleep you crave while giving you practical guidance to developing your own personalized bedtime ritual.

• unwind and relax with simple restorative yoga sequences
• invite tranquility and deeper breath through pranayama
• release stress and anxiety through meditation and visualization
• learn healthy evening routines to promote relaxation
• re-align with your natural sleep rhythm
• nourish yourself with holistic sleep tips


$295 – Early Bird by May 10
$345 – after May 10