Art of Touch: Adjustment Lab for Teachers

Adjustment Lab & Thai massage

with Leigh Evans
Sat. Jan. 30, 12:30-5pm


Leigh-warrior 2Yoga Teachers – Bring your students to the next level of practice with expert adjustments!  With more than 20 years experience teaching creative, intuitive, alignment based vinyasa classes, Leigh Evans offers her skillful guidance to help deepen your connection with your students. Learn to adjust with confidence and your students will thank you!

Develop skills in how to see bodies, and techniques to effectively help deepen your students experience through healing touch, thai massage, and hands on adjustments.


One of the most important skills for a yoga teacher is to be able to see what is happening in your students bodies and guide them into healthy balanced alignment. In this workshop, you will learn to see bodies as well as refine your adjustment skills. Working in a laboratory like setting, stand side by side with Leigh and together look and to learn to see the areas of compromise or over exertion in the students bodies and minds. Learn to penetrate with vision and then your hands. With Leigh’s guidance, you will learn and practice the asana adjustments that will be most beneficial for the student to address their root problems and create new healthy alignment patterns.


group sacrum twistTHAI MASSAGE

Thai massage is a wonderful practice to help yoga teachers expand their ease working with bodies and expand their adjustments skills.

Have fun learning Thai massage sequences that you can share with your partner, friends, and loved ones. This workshop is designed to open your body, balance your mind, and deepen your relationships. Explore non-verbal communication tools based on mutual support and open hearted listening. This practice awakens energy flow and leaves both the giver and receiver in a relaxed state of grace.

Simultaneously relaxing and energizing, Thai massage combines passive yoga stretches, with acupressure points, muscle compression, and joint mobilization. It is known as “the lazy man’s yoga”!


Leigh is “a teacher’s teacher” providing high-level instruction to a generation of leaders

Whether you’re seeking a career change or a self-improvement journey, Yoga Teacher Training is a rite of passage for serious practitioners with a passion for life. Leigh has brought hundreds of budding teachers and enthusiasts to the next level of their experience, and the transformations have been remarkable. Teaching teachers is her gift to the world, and a gift you owe yourself if you’re ready to take the next step in your journey.






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