About Yoga Sukhavati


oil offering-doi sutepENERGY, ART, LIGHT

Yoga Sukhavati, founded and directed by Leigh Evans, is a spiritually aligned vinyasa practice. Infused with Ayurveda, Buddhism and anatomical precision, Yoga Sukhavati specializes in Seasonal self-care and practices to nourish the stages of a woman’s life.

Yoga Sukhavati offers Yoga Alliance certified 200 and 500 hour teacher training programs to those who are interested in liberating their state of mind and lives.

Yogasana in the Sukhavati method is practiced with clear anatomical instruction to create a grounded awakening and an experience beyond the physical. The poses are forms of sacred geometry which when performed at the most beneficial time of day, month, year or cycle of an individual’s life, create an inner harmony with primordial awareness.

Sukhavati is a sanskrit word that means “endowed of bliss”, referring to Amitabha Buddha’s pure realm. Yoga means to join. Yoga Sukhavati is joining the blissful realm. Through yoga teacher training programs, workshops and retreats, we offer you the opportunity to be the bliss and share the bliss.

Yoga Sukhavati is light. Aspire to the highest goal of being the light. Through the practice of asana, pranayama, meditation and self- care, we purify the body and mind to move towards a more sattvic state of light and awareness.

Yoga Sukhavati is energy. The energy of honoring ancient wisdom practices in our modern lives. The energy of living a blissful life and sharing it.

Yoga Sukhavati is art. Learn to listen to your own unique calling and create experience for others through that expression.

Seasonal self-care