Fall Rest & Renewal

with Leigh Evans
Sat. Oct 13


Join us for an exquisitely relaxing sound bath designed especially for Fall with restorative yoga poses to deeply nourish and ground your body and quiet your busy mind. Unwind and completely relax while Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, and other overtone emitting instruments harmonize your energy body in a powerfully nourishing sound healing experience. Cultivate inner listening and insight through chanting and sound meditation.

Often when the wind picks up in the Fall, Vata dosha, the air element, goes out of balance. Our mind gets very active with ideas spinning a mile a minute. We feel like we want to do everything and be everywhere. We try to do it all, overplan our schedules, and we get completely overwhelmed, fragmented, and can’t get anything accomplished. Join Leigh for a divinely relaxing sound experience to ground vata dosha and feel balanced, rested and renewed.

Leigh Evans (E-RYT 500 HR) is a senior yoga teacher based in Brooklyn, New York. Leigh has over 20 years of experience teaching intuitive, creative, alignment based vinyasa yoga classes. Leigh’s seasoned approach to the yoga practice can transform any student who craves insight on the body and the human experience. Leigh’s classes enhance the flow of prana in the body by nourishing specific energy channels and organs offering renewal and transformation. From the study of Yoga and Ayurveda in India to Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, and Sound healing, Leigh’s breadth of knowledge gives her the tools to teach practical applications that can change students’ everyday lives. Leigh is a go-to resource for Ayurvedic Yoga, Restorative Sound Meditation, Seasonal Wellness, Sleep Yoga, and Women’s Yoga practices. Inspired by the transformative power of sound, Leigh has studied tuning forks with John Beaulieu, founder of Biosonics, Gongs with Gong master Don Contreaux and Acutonics. Leigh is the founder and director of the Yoga Sukhavati Teacher Training Programs. Yoga Sukhavati’s Seasonal vinyasa practices are infused with Ayurveda, Buddhism, and Women’s practices. Leigh teaches festivals, teacher trainings, retreats, and workshops nationally and internationally. For more info. on Leigh, visit her website, http://www.leighevansyoga.com/.

Open to everyone

$40 pre-reg by 10/3

$50 after 10/3




908 Cortland Ave. San Francisco, CA 94110