Summer Chill: Yoga & Ayurveda workshop

cool pitta dosha, the fire element

Leigh Evans
Sunday Aug 15 - Sellwood Yoga Livestream
7-9pm EST, 4-6pm PST


Enjoy a cooler, more peaceful state of being this Summer by immersing yourself in an afternoon workshop to balance pitta dosha, the fire element. Join Leigh and nourish your body and mind with a yoga sequence infused with cooling Ayurveda self-care practices to help you chill out and bring balance to your being and life.

Summer is the season when the fire element or pitta dosha increases in all of us. AND it has been HOT this year, so everyone is probably feeling a pitta dosha imbalance! Are you stressed out? Irritable? Do you have rashes or other skin issues? Are you judgmental, or critical? Do you suffer from acid reflux? Are you cranky and get angry easily? If you are experiencing any of these things or are just feeling the heat, your pitta dosha may be out of balance. Join Leigh for a cooling yoga practice, pranayama, mudras, and ayurvedic herbs and lifestyle tips to balance your pitta dosha. Invite a cooler, more peaceful state of mind and enjoy the gifts of pitta dosha in balance –clarity, brilliant leadership, and ability to manifest your vision.